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Yes, Use your tax refund to buy a house!

Yes, Use your tax refund to buy a house!

Question a lot of people like to ask is can you use your tax refund as a down payment toward your house? The answer is yes you can use your tax refund as a down payment toward your house. I actually recommend considering this as an option if you have plans to buy a home in the near future. Some people like to take the route and go get themselves a new vehicle during tax season when they receive a tax refund in 3 to $5000. Afterward, they decide a month later they would like to buy A house. Unfortunately Because of the new debt of the car and the fact that they took their tax refund and bought it as a down payment towards the car they cannot get approved to buy a house.

The best advice I can give in a situation like this Is to plan to take your down payment and buy yourself a new house An example of this may be that you’re looking at buying a house in around 150 thousand dollars. The normal down payment on a house at that price range is about $ 4500. By deciding that you want to talk to a mortgage professional which I recommend relying mortgage You find out that you can get approved for a house and because you’re receiving a tax refund of $5000 you now can put 4500 down if you like Period, of course, we have other options where we can possibly give you grant money where instead of putting the 4500 down you only have to put around 1500 to 2000 down The first thing people want to think is well then why do not why can I not use the other money to buy the core . In the mortgage lending business Sometimes just having extra money in your bank accounts to show as what we call reserves can allow you to be approved where if you did not show this funds you would be declined so it’s best to recognize to work with a mortgage professional first as they are going to direct you correctly into becoming a homeowner.

The benefit Of going the direction of buying a home first as you may discover that now in the time frame of February and March are now at homeowner by April And because you did not have to use all the money that you received from tax refund you can go out and buy a car And now you can get both Items that you’re wanting rather than having to choose between the 2. The reason why it’s good to recognize this is that sometimes in the car business they do not evaluate documents at the same level that you would during a mortgage lending process so by going with the more complex process first that opens the door that you may be able to find the other route a little easier to buy home.



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