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Branch Manager


Compensation Plan for Branch Manager

1. Branch Managers:

At Reliant Mortgage, we value the entrepreneurial spirit of our Branch Managers. Here’s an overview of the compensation plan for this role:

  • Base Points (BPS): 275
  • Pricing Control: Branch Managers have the ability to control pricing for their respective branches, empowering them to optimize and maximize their income.

2. Responsibilities:

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of the branch, Branch Managers are responsible for certain fees and marketing efforts:

  • Credit Reports and VOE Fees: Branch Managers handle the costs associated with Credit Reports and Verification of Employment (VOE) fees.
  • Marketing Expenses: Branch Managers have the autonomy to invest in marketing initiatives that align with their branch goals and strategies.

3. Monthly Software Cost:

Managing a branch requires robust software support. Here are the details regarding the monthly software cost:

  • Starting Cost: $500 to $550 per month.
  • Note: This software provides essential tools and resources to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

4. Performance Metrics:

We believe in rewarding active and successful Branch Managers. However, it’s important to maintain a certain level of production. Here are the guidelines:

  • No Production in Last 6 Months: In such cases, a Branch Manager will be required to demonstrate commitment through:
    • 3-Month Reserves for Software: To ensure ongoing access to our software tools.
    • $500 Set Up Fee: A one-time setup fee to cover administrative costs.

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