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First Time Home Buyer Louisiana

Are you a First Time home buyer Louisiana? Do you know about all the programs that we offer for home buyers?  Louisiana offers many different types of products that can help you own a home

with little or no money down.  Some of those programs allow 100% financing where you come to the closing with 0 down. That is right, you come to the closing with just yourself or spouse and leave

with the keys with no check what so ever.  Of course, this option is available but doesn’t always mean its the best situation for you as a first time home buyer in Louisiana.  It’s possible you may have

to pay a little higher rate to get this option, and if you got the ability to put 3.5%  or 5% down, you might find that you have a more affordable mortgage payment.  Less is not always better, but it is

still a great route for the first time home buyer who doesn’t necessarily have the funds needed to buy a home.


First Time home buyer Louisiana also have options that allow them to be gifted the money from family or friends. This mortgage product is a popular choice as it allows you to get the lowest rate

available and only bring your down payment. This is also an important time to make sure your realtor and loan officer are on the same page as far as your goal to bring money down.  A lot is going on

during the home buying process and sometimes unexpected cost or pre-paids can surprise even the most experienced home buyer. The relationship with the realtor and loan officer can help

eliminate cases where you bring more than your down payment.  I hope this information has been valuable to you.  Please reach out to me at 225-505-3297 or If you

have more questions. First Time home buyer Louisiana


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