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For Sale By Owner Baton Rouge

For Sale By Owner Baton Rouge

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For Sale By Owner Baton Rouge

The option to buy a home without a real estate agent can be scary.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t do it.  I do recommend doing your research to know if you are getting the best value for the purchase of the home.  A real estate agent is free for you as a buyer, so it’s not a bad idea to have one represent you for the negotiation part of the home. They have access to an MLS site that shows the recent sales in that neighborhood which can help you put in a high bid on the home as well as make counters for the house.


If you still choose not to use an agent, this possibly can give you a little bit more negotiation room with the For Sale By Owner Baton Rouge listing as the seller doesn’t have to worry about paying large commissions of up to 6%. This fee can be high especially when you are looking at houses in the price range of 300,000.  Reliant Mortgage can help you get your offer accepted if you choose not to use an agent by delivering you a Pre-Approval Letter from a reputable company in the community.  We have access to nine different lenders, so most clients walk away with an approval and become homeowners.  Being we do the financing and have to analyze all the documents of a home loan, we can also help you write up the purchase agreement with ease and make sure it is correct for lending purposes.


We also have professional real estate agents we partner up with that can also write up the purchase agreement for a small fee. This process still saves you money but gives you another eye on the purchase agreement. The best part of putting an offer in is that no matter what, we at Reliant Mortgage require an appraisal. So if you may have put too high of an offer, you will know by the evaluation which then allows you to renegotiate the contract and get it back down to the price that the home is valued.  The appraisal value is good to know as most properties with agents involved at a cost it is worth. I hope the information on For Sale By Owner Baton Rouge has been helpful and don’t forget to call Reliant Mortgage at 225-412-7773 if you have any other questions.


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